Our family has decided to be more experiential. Material gifts as an expression of love are nice for special items which speak to us deeply. We want to reduce our material footprint and do more things together. Our gifts to each other are making memories together.

When we were younger, our first-born son, Caleb, was in Cub Scouts and then Boy Scouts. David was Cub Master, and then heavily involved with Boy Scouts. They camped, hiked, and backpacked together ten months a year for nine years. This time together helped shape Caleb into a well-rounded adult. Now we want our daughter, Madi, to have similar experiences and learning adventures. We are excited to get out camping, hiking, fishing, and finding new places.

We are older and tent camping is not as appealing as it once was. We have instead picked up our new fifth wheel trailer!

We searched and researched for several months for the vehicle we would like to purchase. This Sandpiper is eight years old but in fantastic condition. We love having separate spaces for sleeping!