This is Almost Lost. Here we document some of our traveling, camping, and finding adventures. We want to find remote places, and sometimes the search borders on almost being lost. We also want to get lost; get away from the trappings of life. Without knowing when we bought our first RV, we soon needed to have a way to keep from getting lost in our loss. Getting away has saved our sanity and continues to do so. Instead of being lost, now we are Almost Lost.

We are David and Donna. Married since 1991, we tent camped about thirty days a year until our son was born and then it tapered off. When he was old enough for Cub Scouts, he and David would camp and, later in Boy Scouts, backpack often. Our much younger daughter did not get as many experiences enjoying the outdoors, so we bought a fifth wheel in 2017. It helped save our sanity when our son died in 2018.

David writes about the intersection of grief and faith at http://DavidALloyd.com.

Donna writes at http://DonnaLloyd.net.